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The Dark Shogun is the main villain from Sengoku 2. A malevolent time-traveling demon, the Dark Shogun plans to conquer not only the world, but time itself. He unleashes his evil army through the eras, starting in 1570, during the battles of the Warring States in Japan. A shrine maiden from that era pray for the legendary warriors to come and save them. The two warriors, who lived during the present time, are sent back in time, so the maiden asks their help, lending the spirits of three ancient warriors to help them. They fight the forces of the Dark Shogun and defeat them, so he travels to 1940, during World War II, where he gets the help of an evil dictator. The two warriors travel after him and defeats their forces in that time, so he travels to 1990, where his forces are defeated as well. With his patience ended, the dark Shogun transports the two warriors to his castle, so he can finish them by himself. The two warriors fight the evil dictator, then the Shogun himself, but as they are defeated they fuse themselves into a giant demon. The Dark Shogun is defeated, so his castle disappears ad the two warriors are transported back to the present to continue their normal lifes.