The Dark Rider is a DC comics supervillain and one of Robin's own personal rogues, he is a variant of the popular "Jekyll and Hyde" style villain, who embodies the darker side of another character (usually a character who is not normally evil in nature).


Stanley Baumgarten appears to be a seemingly ordinary man, unmarried, no criminal record and working an ordinary job. However, throughout his adult life Baumgarten has suffered from an undiagnosed sleeping disorder. If he is denied his medications, then by night his body and mind are taken over by the Dark Rider, a powerful being who rides a spectral horse and wields a lance. This Dark Rider claims to have killed the previous owner of the name Dark Rider and has recently been appearing in Bludhaven.

Powers / Abilities

The Dark Rider’s powers only manifest during night time and disappear as morning returns.

Enhanced Abilities: The Dark Rider has enhanced strength and endurance.

Invulnerability: The Dark Rider has some degree of invulnerability to physical attacks.

Shadow Mount: The Dark Rider rides a demonic horse that is able to fly, the horse disappears if the Dark Rider is dismounted.

Lance: The Dark Rider carries a lance which, fires dark energy blasts.