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The Dark Ones

The Dark Ones

Eons ago when the galaxy was young and worlds were just coming into being, a vile cosmic force desired to destroy all of reality. It implanted offsprings, the Dark Ones within the core of countless worlds. Knowing that one day, far into the future, they would be free to spread their evil like a plague.
~ Antauri about the origin of the Dark Ones.

The Dark Ones are a group of monstrous cosmic entities from the Netherworld and a group of major antagonists in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!. They are the masters of the Skeleton King.

According to Antauri, long ago in the distant past when the universe was young, a vile, nameless cosmic force of pure dark energy that came into being and sought to bring chaos to all of reality, split into and "implanted " demonic entities into the core of each world within the cosmos, the Dark Ones.

Many centuries later, ?


  • Their name is that of the demonic deities from the Evil Dead franchise and they also both based on the Great Old Ones from the works of the legendary weird fiction writer H.P. Lovecraft.

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