The Dark One is the main antagonist in the Wheel of Time series.


The eldest and most malignant force of execrable desire in the known world and although one might speculate that he is the source of all evil, it is stated he instead intensates emotion, as well as giving new motives for virulant, lowly, or simply chaotic acts. He is said to have been imprisoned by the Creator at the inauguration of time, and has sought ever since to break free of his prison and rupture the Wheel and metamorphose the world according to his image and purpose. He is presently still incarcerated.


  • It is possible that the Dark One's character design was heavily influenced by either Sauron or Melkor as much of The Wheel of Time resembles the work and world created by J. R. R. Tolkien; more so Sauron in the prospect that they are both the main antagonists of the main series of books in both of their respected worlds. However, despite this fact they're excluded almost entirely from the story with only their concept included, as both figures are only portrayed as empyrean beings with their power occluded by some extent of events in the past while still swaying corruption over the lands.
  • The name Shai'tan is likely taken from al-Shaitan, the Arabic name for "the Adversary", or Satan.