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DARK Meta Knight
Dark Meta Knight is a mirror version of Meta Knight who is the exact opposite of the regular Meta Knight. While Meta Knight is chivalrous and gives Kirby a sword sometimes Dark Meta Knight does no such thing. He is encountered a couple of times in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. The first time he appears as Meta Knight and slashes Kirby into four different colored Kirbies. The real Meta Knight had flown into the Mirror world to stop one of the Dark Matter persons from destroying the Mirror World which would then destroy Dream Land which Meta Knight and Kirby inhabit. The second time you get to fight him but he's still disguised as Meta Knight and goes by the alias "? ? ?." The third time is the very last one as you fight him once again. He again attempts to disguise himself but the real Meta Knight points out who the real one is. Dark Meta Knight then reveals who he really was and it turns out he was a shadowy figure. There is an immediate difference between Meta Knight and Dark Meta Knight. The difference is their coloring. The mirror copy has almost no color at all while Meta Knight has a lot. There is no difference between their attacks though which would confuse people into thinking this was the real knight. Dark Meta Knight dies when he defeated the second time. What signifies this is when his body shatters like a mirror and opens up a portal which leads to a mirror form of Dark Matter called Dark Mind. He later appears As the main antagonist of EX mode in Kirby triple deluxe.

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