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The Dark Makers are an alien race of Precursors who have submerged with Dark Eco for a prolonged amount. They serve as the allies to Erol in Jak 3. They also serve as the secondary antagonists.



The Dark Makers were created after a family of Precursors became corrupted by Dark Eco. Since then, they have attacked the universe.

Dark Makers' Conquest

It is quite possible that the Dark Makers worked with the Metal Heads for their wars and the Metal Heads betrayed them. They have conquered many worlds before visiting Jak's world.

War for Haven City

The Dark Makers arrived at the world and have joined forces with the leader of both the Metal Heads and KG Death Bots known as Erol. Erol wanted the Dark Makers to take over the world and planned to attack the Wasteland.

Leaving The World

Erol attacked the world with his Terraformer before his demise. The Dark Makers left the world and set out to conquer worlds elsewhere. However, they were still pursued by the Precursors.

Types of Dark Makers

  • Trooper
  • Hornet
  • Bomb Spider
  • Splitter
  • Terraformer
  • Walker
  • Dark satellite


  • They resemble violet Precursor statues.
  • The Dark Makers serve as the evil counterpart to the Precursors.

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