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A mysterious mastermind known as "Dark Maker", created the evil brains to rid himself of Hero Factory and produced many of brain parasites for the invasion.
Dark Maker (Hero Factory)

Dark Maker (Hero Factory)


He recovered a few evil brains and builts his own "Brain Factory", paying Black Phantom for the blueprints of Hero Factory.  With his brains ready for another invasion against Hero Factory, he sent them to mutate Makuhero City's planets seven animal species as his personal army.

Knowing the heroes will win, senda dragon to leaved many evil brains underneathed Hero Factory for the next invasion. 


Intelligent, power-hungry and expert of genetic manipulation, his skilled of re-building the evil brains amazing as his intelligence. Unlike most villains, he'll come up with many plans and organized better tactics of his next invasions.


  • Voiced by Tom Kenny, who voiced Mumbo Jumbo from Teen Titans, Jet-Bug of the Fire Villains and Ice King from Finn & Jake: Adventure Time.

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