The Dark Lord is one of the main characters of the third installment of the YouTube series "Animator vs. Animation" by Alan Becker.  It was created to fight the The Chosen One, but ended up joining it.


In "Animator vs. Animation III", the Chosen One (who had been enslaved and used as a pop-up blocker) escapes and once again begins fighting the animator's mouse pointer. The battle continues on to a Word document where the animator and Clippy fight the Chosen One using text-based attacks. As the Chosen One and the paper clip fight, the animator creates a new red stick figure, the Dark Lord, to be the Chosen One's equally powerful enemy.

The Dark Lord then fights the Chosen One through the Word document and a game of Solitaire, soon ending up on the desktop. The Dark Lord calls the desktop icons to its aid and they all begin battling the Chosen One. The Chosen One manages to throw the Dark Lord into a game of Minesweeper. The Dark Lord tries to get back into the action, but has to solve its way out. The Chosen One soundly defeats all the icons and ends the battle by throwing Firefox into Minesweeper and blowing it up, with the Dark Lord still inside.

Beaten, the Dark Lord surrenders to the Chosen One and prepares to be killed. But the Chosen One spares the Dark Lord and offers that they both destroy the animator's computer. The Dark Lord agrees and assists its former foe in wreaking havoc on and destroying the computer with a Blue Screen of Death,  presumably killing itself and the Chosen One in the process.


The Dark Lord appears as a standard red stick figure with no face.





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