Dark Rider's Dark Griffin

The Dark Griffin

The Dark Griifin is a minor villain in God of War II. It serves as the Dark Rider's ride.


The Dark Griffin resembles a griffin with black, purple, and dark blue feathers. It wears a bronze mask on it's face.

God of War II

When Kratos was heading towards the Island of Creation to find the Sisters of Fate, he comes across a group of guardians known as the Griffin Riders. After killing a few of them, he eventually encounters the leader the Griffin Riders known as; the Dark Rider along with his Dark Griffin. Kratos ended up getting defeating by the duo.

After Kratos acquired the Typhon's Bane, and was continuing his way towards the Island, he encounters the Dark Rider and the Dark Griffin again. This time, Kratos was able to fight back, and kill both the Rider and the Griffin. He kills the Griffin by grabbing the Dark Rider's Spear of Destiny, and stabs it into the Grffin's neck.

Dark Griffin's corpse

Dark Griffin's Corpse

Eventually Kratos encounters the corpse of the Dark Griffin with the Spear of Destiny still in it's neck. He managed to pull it out, but it caused the corpse of the Dark Griffin to fall into the forrest below, never to be seen again.
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