This mysterious being took control of Claycia's body and then tried to disguise himself with sunglasses. He wanted to steal the vibrant colors from Dream Land and take over the world, but Kirby put a stop to that!
~ Dark Crafter's figurine description.

Dark Crafter is the main antagonist and final boss of the 2015 game, Kirby and The Rainbow Curse. He is the one who possessed Claycia, and forced her to drain the color from Dream Land.


Dark Crafter is a giant multicolored cloud-like blob with a giant eye and two floating hands that release magenta smoke every time he moves. He also has what appears to be tiny magenta sunglasses above his eye. When Kirby hits him, some parts of the him reveal his true, Dark Matter-like appearance.


Dark Crafter's backstory is not fully explained. Nobody knows where he came from or why he wants to steal color from the first place. Does he use color as food or to show power? The true origins of him remains a mystery.

When Claycia, the one he possesses, is defeated, the sunglasses he possess with her falls off. Angry that he lost control over her, Dark Crafter emerges from the sunglasses and flies off to steal all the colors himself. Little did he know, Claycia and Elline transform Kirby into a rocket and send him chasing after the monster.

Kirby and Dark Crafter have a long battle between each other. Kirby eventually wins, Dark Crafter magically explodes, similarly to almost every other Kirby villain.

Boss Battle

Dark Crafter soars diagonally through the cosmos. He attacks by launching mines from his sunglasses at Kirby Rocket. The mines are often released individually, in straight rows, or in ring formations. To attack Dark Crafter, Kirby must dodge the mines and collect the 10-Stars Dark Crafter flies past. After collecting 100 Point Stars, Kirby can Star Dash into Dark Crafter, damaging him. Each hit affected to Dark Crafter causes him to lose color and release more mines. Once he is hit three times, he loses all of his color and explodes.


  • His goal to drain all the color in Dreamland is similar to the goal of the Phantom Blot. Unlike the Blot, he most likely didn't steal colors because he was bored and tired of looking shadowy.
  • Dark Crafter has similarities to other Kirby villains, rather it be his goal to take over the world with darkness (almost every main villain from the core games), has an appearance of a head and floating arms (Necrodeus, Wham Bam Rock, and Wham Bam Jewel), looks like a floating blob (Drawcia Soul and Marx Soul), chuckles whenever Kirby gets hurt (Queen Sectonia, Magolor, and Marx), or a massive eye in the center of his head (0, Dark Nebula, Kracko, and Magolor Soul). He also possessed a normally not-evil person to do his bidding, like Yin-Yarn, Nightmare and Taranza.