Dark Corvo is Dark Raven's second-in-command and the penultimate boss of BIlly Hatcher and the Giant Egg. Dark Corvo is a sorcerer and a crow like Dark Raven, but Dark Corvo is smaller, the same size as Billy. Dark Corvo power is the ability of summoning, he can summon shadow clones of previous crow bosses to attack billy and also later in the battle, he would duplicate himself and charge at Billy and start striking him with his staff. But after attacking, Dark Corvo would be worn out and drop to the ground to rest, at which point he was vulnerable to Billy's attacks.

Dark Corvo is first seen in the first level, where he summons some crows to attack Billy, after this he flew off.

Dark Corvo is put in charge of guarding Sand Ruin, where he keeps one of the elders in a golden egg.

When Billy arrived, he freed the elder, and fought through Dark Corvo's minions and traps to the shadow portal which led to Dark Corvo's domain, at which point they fought, but Dark Corvo was defeated. A dark portal appeared below Dark Corvo and he fell into it, making it unsure if Dark Corvo is really dead.

The game also warns you before you fight him that he will be much, much stronger than the bosses before him.

Dark Corvo is the sixth boss, the previous boss is Saltim and the next boss is Dark Raven.