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Dark ace

The Dark Ace is a veteran pilot in the service of the Cyclonian Empire. He is the secondary antagonist of Storm Hawks (TV series).

He is currently allied to the Cyclonians, although he was formerly allied to the original Storm Hawks before he betrayed them. He is a feared pilot in Atmos and is said to be undefeated. However, after the first fight between himself and Aerrow, the Dark Ace is continually 'defeated' by the Storm Hawks, although the fights are often interrupted or the circumstances change in the favor of the younger pilots. But he is still a force to be reckoned with in the battle for control of Atmos.


The Dark Ace was formerly a member of the original Storm Hawks team—serving as a co-pilot for the squadron's original leader (Lightning Strike, as Radarr serves as co-pilot for Aerrow) -- until he betrayed them in favor of the Cyclonians. He is an infamous and feared pilot in Atmos, said to be undefeated and self-described as having defeated more Sky Knights than anyone. Such boasting is not without its merits: he has taken down the entire Storm Hawks squadron (even Aerrow in their first battle) and defeated the five-man Rex Guardians in less than a minute; although in both cases respectively the Storm Hawks were probably very inexperienced and the Rex Guardians were using outdated tactics and equipment, which Dark Ace himself pointed out in the latter instance by saying, "Where did you get your rides? A museum?". He formed a rivalry with Aerrow after the pilot episode, and the two are typically evenly matched, but there's often something that interferes with their fights before they finish (in one battle Dark Ace actually managed to disarm Aerrow, but a sudden shift on the airship they were on allowed Aerrow to get his weapons back to beat the Dark Ace). The Dark Ace serves as the commander of the Cyclonian Talons.

A ruthless warrior, the Dark Ace doesn't settle for simply defeating his opponents, at least not when he has the opportunity to do more. In his first battle with Aerrow, he states that the winner of a battle is the one to come out alive, though he lets Aerrow live simply to further damage his pride and to make a point to the spectators.

After the final battle at Terra Cyclonia, Cyclonis overused her binding powers and transferred too much of the Crystal, which she obtained from the 'Far Side of Atmos', into the Dark Ace, and caused a power overload that destroyed him. Although he is presumed dead, this is highly unlikely due to the show's past of not having any characters dying and the Dark Ace's importance in the show. In a Q & A with the creators of the show they revealed that the Dark Ace was not dead, implying that if the show had continued he would have returned.

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