Dao Cheng

Dao Cheng showing off martial arts

Crippled Avengers part 809:57

Crippled Avengers part 8

Dao Chang is one of the main antagonists of the 1978 Hong Kong Martal Arts film Crippled Avengers also known as Return of the Five Deadly Venoms. He was portrayed by Lu Feng. 


Dao Cheng is the son of famous martial artist Dao Tian-Do , and was raised for the first few years of hife in a rich family under a happy marriage. However, at around 5 years old, enemies of his father broke into his house, killed his mother, and cut off his arms. 

When Tian-Do returned home, after getting over his shock, he ordered that a new set of arms be made for his son, fashioned out of metal. He than went on a quest to kill all those who wronged his family.

Dao Cheng dapted well to his artifical arms, and became a Kung Fu master as his father had. The two formed a strong bond even as they went on quests to kill and maim all of their enemies.