I'm afraid I need to kill you. You won't taint the King's Forge.
~ Dantero to the protagonist

Dantero is an antagonist of ArcaniA.. He is a spy of Lord Hagen sent to find the location of the Kings Forge, a secret temple in the mountains. He is a cunning and intelligent person and an competent fighter. He wears an eyepatch.

In the game

To find out the location of the temple Dantero is seen breaking into Tooshoo at night, forcing a magician at knifepoint to tell him the way. It is later found out that the magician knew the location of the temple and that Dantero killed him after he was not useful anymore. Dantero also stole some scrolls which he used to create golems. Dantero then went to the abby and asked the two leaders of the abby to tell him the way to the forge. He was told that he had to pass two trials but he declined, forcing one of the friars to tell him the location by force. Brother Galamod told him and Dantero went on his way. When the protagonist came to the abby he passed the trials and was told that Dantero had a big head start so he had to hurry. An eremite, Jabo, whom he met on the way told him that Dantero had stolen from him.

At the Temple the protagonist met Dantero who had already scouted the place but had found out that two levers had to be pulled simultaniously to open the path to the temple. He told the protagonist that they needed to work together, otherwise none of them would reach the temple and that they could fight each other afterwards. When the bridge was there Dantero fought the protagonist and was killed at the doorsteps. His death counted as the sacrifice needed to open the gates and the protagonist was able to reach the temple.