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Well... Knock on some doors.
~ Dante ordering his henchmen to slaughter innocent civilians.

Dante the Immortal is the main antagonist in Violence Jack: Hell's Wind. He is the leader of the biker gang known as Hell's wind. He also has two henchmen known as Gokumon and Guro the drifter (who was renamed to Joker in the anime adaption.).


Dante is a wicked, sadistic, and heartless individual who enjoys seeing innocent people suffer in horrible ways for his own amusement. He and his motorcycle gang commit atrocities such as raping women, murdering people, torturing people, and destroying villages without showing a single sign of remorse or emotion. Although he himself isn't seen doing anything evil (at least in the anime), he still orders his fellow motorcycal members to commit the most heinous things imaginable and it's obvious he himself isn't above doing the same horrible deeds either. He is also not above betraying his own members, for example when he forces one of his men to be a suicide bomber to kill Jack. Despite evil, he is also a coward; for example he runs away from Violence Jack after he challenges him. later on, Dante is eventually killed by Jack by having his skull crushed. It is later revealed in the anime adaption that Dante and his motorcycle gang work for the Slum King.


Dante wears a leather biker outfit, and he has bandages wrapped around his face possibly due to an injury.



  • Dante shares a lot in common with Toecutter from the film Mad Max. Both are motorcycle gang leaders, both have two henchmen, and both are very sadistic, cruel, evil, and lack any morality. Though in some ways, Dante is arguably worse, because at least Toecutter doesn't sacrifice any of his members.
  • He is heavily implied to be Demon Lord Dante in human form because of the fact they both share the same name 'Dante' and the fact that dante's motorcycle helmet has a painting on it resembling the demon lord dante.