Dante LXG Monster

Dante is a supporting antagonist of the 2003 film, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. He serves as a lieutenant to the infamous Fantom, bent on creating a new World War for profit.

He was portrayed by Max Ryan.


Dante made his first appearance alongside his master when they and their men attacked the Bank of England by posing as German soldiers, and they stole Leonardo da Vinci's drawings of the layout of Venice. He appeared again when the Fantom and their men kidnapped a group of German scientists by posing as British soldiers, and blew up a zeppelin factory. This incident led both Great Britain and Germany to on the brink of war against each other.

Dante first confronted The League alongside his master in Dorian Gray's library. He and his men outnumbered the League and also had them at a disadvantage as the villains held the high ground. However, they soon became the victims of a surprise attack by Tom Sawyer and a battle erupted. Dante lost several of men, but he was able to escape alongside his master.

When the League finally caught up to the Fanton's true plan after being betrayed by Gray, Dante accompanied the Fantom to his fortress in northern Mongolia, where the criminal mastermind is attempting to mass-reproduce the powers of the League (which Gray have stolen from the League). The League soon followed them and initiated an assault on the fortress. During the fight, as Captain Nemo and Edward Hyde (Dr. Henry Jekyll in his monster form) help the kidnapped scientists to safety, Dante picked up a flask full of Hyde's formula and drank the whole thing, much to Hyde's complete shock. This triggers a transformation that turned Dante into a bulking monster, something that even the monstrous Hyde can't stand to witness.

Hyde then engages the monstrous Dante in a battle of the titans, but was far outmatched by the hulking psychopath. Nemo attempts to aid Hyde, but is outmatched as well. Realizing that Dante is too strong to defeat, Nemo and Hyde decide to escape as the latter is transformed back into Jekyll. The two soon found themselves cornered by Dante, who attempted to crush them with a huge icicle. However, at the last second, the fortress was destroyed by bombs planted by the League throughout the building. Nemo and Jekyll were able to escape the destruction alive while Dante is crushed to his death by the falling debris.