No one outwits Danny Darrow!
~ Danny Darrow.
I suppose it all stared that Halloween night. My family came upon a mysterious artifact, a key to finding the great cursed treasure rumored to lie beneth Crystal Cove. It corrupted us with greed! I just got my hands on it when... the earth shocked and swalloed our entire house! My loved ones grow old and past all around me, but I hardly even noticed. Then, those medeling kids showed up! They were after my treasure! I knew it! So I spied on them and I booby-trapped the whole house, in ways that would pray upon their weaknesses! Ah, but they left.
~ Danny Darrow's story

Danny Darrow was a crazed hermit, and the last surviving member of the Darrow family. He is the main antagonist, later turned supporting charecter in Scooby doo Mystery Inc episode Escape from Mystery Mansion.

Physical appearance

Due to his self imposed exile and obsession over his treasure, he has grown into a decrepit old man with an unkempt look after living over 70 years underground.


After being alone for so many years, Danny has grown a very violent aggression personality because of his obsession his treasure. However, after being outsmated by Mystery Inc, he finally comes back to his senses and are much more gentler and remorseful of the error in his ways.

Skills and abilities

He has unusual skills with traps and uses good sword skills with his hot poker.


Early life

Char 39819

Danny Darrow 75 years ago.

Char 39820
He and his family were fighting over a puzzle-piece artifact that might be a clue to the haunted treasure of the conquistadors, at the time he got his hands on it, an earthquake caused their mansion to be swallowed up below ground.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

He somehow survived there for about 75 years, outliving his family because he was the youngest. When he was disturbed by the old Mystery Incorporated he thought they were after his treasure, and he tried to fill the mansion with traps for them, but they left while he was still working on the traps.

When the gang discovered a way down to the mansion, his crazed mind mistook them for the original Mystery Inc., and he tried to trap and kill them. They managed to escape, and eventually he realized they were not who he thought. He gave them the puzzle piece and let them escape, just as the ground around the mansion began collapsing again. He is presumed to have died in the collapse.


  • Danny seems to be loosely based off of Bobby Barrows from Clock Tower.
  • Danny's obssesion with his "treasure" is very similair to Gollum from the Lord of the Rings, as well as his trapping skills refers to Jigsaw from the Saw series.