You think this innocent act of yours is fooling anyone? You can go...for now. If ya feel like comin' clean, contact me Danno Wolfe: Head of Security.
~ Danno interrogating his suspects.
"Fun?! Kidnapping is fun to you?! I suppose murder's just a party then! Huh? International Espionage just another day at the beach?! (Ted accidentally steps a button on the stage that sends Danno onto the mattress below) Listen, Yellow Man, I've got my eye on you. Don't leave town!
~ Danno threatening Ted.

Danno Wolfe is the main antagonist of the 2009 direct-to-DVD sequel Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey!

He is voiced by Jamie Kennedy.


He is the head of security who is assisted by Mrs. Fisher. Danno questions Ted about the kidnapped elephant and gets suspicious about him and George. Later a cryptic message from a monkey Danno thinks speaks Chinese leads him to believe that George and Ted have kidnapped the elephant. He begins attempting to find them. Danno was even more certain that Ted and George have kidnapped Kayla, when Ted uses what little change he has to call Piccadilly, but doesn't manage to complete the call. Mrs. Fisher traced the call which allowed Danno to find his way the Humbleton station. Later on Danno shows up in a helicopter at Kayla's home, when the protagonist's were about to leave there. After the pig throws Danno into a rain barrel, Kayla scares the pilot into flying away. At the park, Danno shows up again and arrests George and Ted and captures Kayla. They fly back to the city, but after George gets the handcuff keys from Danno, they all escape by jumping out of the plane. They make it back to Piccadilly and everything is fine, except that Danno has followed them once again. Kayla subdues him and throws him onto the stage's trapdoor which Piccadilly opens, dropping Danno onto the same mattress he fell on earlier. Danno then asks Ms. Fisher what he's doing wrong to which she responds "I think you need to work on your people skills." Danno retorts "I bet they have an internet course for that" and most likely redeems himself afterwards.


Danno is shown to be very proud of being Piccadilly's head of security as he states this several times. His pride causes him to take his job too seriously and believe his far from accurate accusations are always correct without further investigation and despite evidence of the contrary. Danno also doesn't have very good deductive skills as he thought George was a person speaking Chinese.