Nasty mother

Danielle Williams is the main protagonist villain in the popular Youtube video "White parents vs black parents [Wife Swap edition]"

She is played by Youtube user Jamila Bell .

Though not as bad as "part 2," this mother is as bad as the others. She is a nasty mother. Though in all honesty, she's misunderstanding of him more. However, she does do villainous things. She pries into the kid's business when he's sleeping. She takes off his door because the boy locked it. She gets into a fight with him that turns physical. The last part she does is more comical, she turns off the lights on and off, in a homage to horror movies. This villain, however, is the most light-hearted of all the villains, and she's more silly and stubborn than outright cruel and mean like the more serious first 2 videos. This villain is the easiest one to watch. Unlike the other mothers, she is very warm, as long as you do what she says.