Daniel Davis is the main antagonist of the Andrew Stevens' 1994 erotic thriller, Illicit Dreams.                

He is the husband of the heroine Moira Davis.

He was portrayed by Joseph Cortese.


At San Francisco's town, in California, Daniel Davis is a dashing, cold, rich doctor, secretly involved in fraud cases. He is married to the beautiful Moira, whom he regularly abuses.

Despite his business stays, he seems monitors all actions of his wife. He's also has an adulterous relationship with his sexy secretary, Beverly Keen. 

Suspicious of his wife's faithfulness, he hires a private investigator, both following and watching her. He becomes obsessionally jealous when he discovers Moira falls in love with Nick Richardson, a handsome and independant entrepreneur and decides to separate them.

When Daniel and Moira should to go a party business, he said her, to go alone. He backs to their estate with his secretary/lover and starts to threathing her with a knife, suspecting she stealed one of his informations.

Later in the night, he continues to make to watching Moira. When the private investigator loses her, he went to the home of Moira's friend, Melinda Ryan. He asks where Moira, she did not tell him. He starts to blame her for showing Moira against him. He hits her and wants to stumble her. He flees, leaving Melinda, unharmed, arrival of her husband.

Moments later, he menaces Nick's best friend, Reed, whom mistakes him for Nick. He also strangles his secretary Beverly in the car and hangs her in a house that Nick landscape. He goes to Moira, who discovers Beverly's lifeless body and attempt to kill her. He nearly kills ker but is killed instantly by Nick, saving definitely Moira. 

At same moment, Moira asleep, alongside Daniel and wakes. It is everything was just a dream.