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Daniel was a secondary villain in the comic book Duke Nukem: Glorious Bastard.


Daniel was Maria's second in command. When the Vrilerinnen's plans went awry, he was often the first to complain. Duke Nukem seemed to like him least of all. When Duke and his allies attacked the base on Rügen Island and killed all of their alien and Nazi allies, Talina suggested they escape, and Daniel seconded her. Maria, however, chose to stay. Consequently, command of the Vrilerinnen passed to Daniel. He, Talina, Val and Ana then got aboard their ship and attempted to fly away. However British officer Conner Sean pursued them using a jetpack stolen from a dead alien Assault Trooper. He boarded, and, appearing on the bridge with a grenade in each hand, he gave a yell of "Rule Britannia!" The explosives detonated, killing both Sean and the four Vrilerinnen.

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