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Daniel Rivers also known as Danny is the main antagonist from the movie To Save A Life.

He's first seen in the church catholic group when Jake and Amy enter the group, but he doesen't like jake when he screaming his girlfriend leaved beause she was judged, but he do not like Johnny neither. Because that's no friendship between the two boys, when jake invite johnny to the group Danny seem to not like it, and feel rejected by the group, so he wanted to get revenge on Jake, by tagging the secret of his girlfriend who is pregnant, and bump to Johnny and stealing his cellphone. He make Johnny took the blame for the bomb , and was not know Jake see him with the phone, so he was thinking he will get away with it, but Jake caught him. When he finally denonced and cacth by the police, he was angry to see Jake enter with Chris the fellow pastor, so when Chris leave after he told him the police will take him down town until his father came take him back, Danny was now feeling with remorse and Jake decide to stay with him until the officers arrive for taking him.