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The DanganZord is a MegaZord Gamma, with the properties of the Danganloid, namely a rifle arm and a large knife for a secondary weapon. Unlike it's predecessor, this Gamma-classed MegaZord does not have the ability to emit a forcefield to protect itself.

Enter had used the DanganZord not to siphon Enetron, but to transport a large shipping crate of Deltanium 39 into hyperspace to manufacture a new MegaZord core.

After it had done it's job (and narrowly transported Red Buster and a normal child into hyperspace), it resumed it's fight with the Go-Busters mecha until they formed Go-BusterOh and shut down the MegaZord with a Dimension Crash.


  • Height: 47.0 m
  • Weight: 1,995 t

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