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Dan Paine: How many men you got ?
Barney Ross: Just your mother!
(Dan Paine torturing Barney Ross)
Dan Paine: Who sent you ?.
Barney Ross: Your hairdresser!!!
(Barney Ross taunting Dan Paine)

Dan Paine is a supporting antagonist in the 2010 ensemble action film The Expendables. He is the personal assistant of James Munroe and an extremely merciless fighter.

He is portrayed by former WWE superstar Steve Austin.


Paine was nothing more than the ultimate personification of extreme pain, torment and most of all harsh physical torture. Paine is actually the most loyal henchman for Munroe much more than The Brit, and he is an extremely cruel, savage and physically brutal mercenary.

Using his extreme strength to torment people violently as his own personal hobby, Paine sought to put an end to the Expendables life by sending Munroe and Garza's men.


Dan Paine was born in USA on December 18, 1964.

A former wrestler, Paine serves as James Munroe's right-hand man next to The Brit. Though he usually does little more than enforce Munroe's will, Dan Paine later ambushes Barney Ross during his attempt to rescue Sandra, and demands to know who sent him. Barney Ross refuses to give him Mr. Church's name, instead taunting Paine, and in the ensuing shootout between the Expendables and General Garza's men, Barney Ross engages Paine in a brutal one-on-one battle. Being the younger fighter and a more experienced wrestler, Paine quickly gains the upper hand and beats Barney Ross despite Barney Ross landing a few good hits, but Paine is forced to flee before finishing Barney Ross off when Hale Caesar attacks with an automatic shotgun.

The brute minion later tries to escape from Vilena with Munroe and Sandra as a hostage when the shootout between the Expendables and Garza's men makes its way to just outside Garza's mansion. Though he manages to make a path through the fire with a door for Munroe and Sandra, Dan Paine is engaged in battle by Toll Road, a fellow former wrestler. The two battle evenly until Toll Road knocks Dan Paine into a fire, engulfing him in flames. Toll Road finishes the fight by knocking Dan Paine out cold, rendering him unable to put the flames out as he is burned to death.



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