Damug Warfang is an anthropomorphic rat and the main villain in the Redwall series book, The Long Patrol.

Damug was a Greatrat, larger than others of his species, and the son of warlord Firstblade Gormad Tunn, who led the Rapscallion army. When Gormad died, Damug and his brother Byral dueled for right as leader, but Damug cheated and killed his brother. As the new Firstblade, Damug set his sights on Redwall Abbey, as he had heard about its crumbling south wall from his spies. Damug was slowed by interference from two hares of the Long Patrol army, who disguised themselves as seers and told Damug to take his army to another battlefield. Warfang did this, and it resulted in a huge battle between his huge Rapscallion army, the Long Patrol, and the Redwall defenders in a valley to the west of Redwall. Damug was killed when the badger ruler, Lady Cregga Rose Eyes, grabbed him and leaped from the ridge, crushing Damug. He did, however, use his sword to slash her eyes out and blind her.