Pope Soveriegn

Damon Pope was a drug kingpin and the most dangerous and powerful gangster in Oakland. He was the overseer of many criminal organizations and gangs including the One-Niners. He is one of the main antagonists in Season Five of Sons of Anarachy

Alex 'Tig' Trager, in retaliation to an apparent attempt on Clay Morrow's life, attempts to run down and kill One-Niner Leader Laroy Wayne, while he is having lunch together with his girlfriend at a restaurant under heavy One-Niner protection. Tig fails to kill Laroy, but his girlfriend is killed by this attack. It is later confirmed Laroy's girlfriend was Veronica Pope; Damon Pope's daughter. Eli Roosevelt, upon learning this, feared Pope would come to Charming to seek revenge against Tig and SAMCRO.

Veronica's death and the attempted killing of Laroy sparked a war between SAMCRO and the One-Niners. When a group of One-Niners hit and blew up one of the Sons' weapons trucks, as a sign of retaliation. Later, at an empty rail-yard, two of Laroy's lieutenants; Darnell and Tyler, met with August Marks, Pope's muscled and ruthless right hand man, and Pope himself. Pope, furiously calm and collected, reminded the two nervous men that he had specifically told them to lay low in the face of attention from the authorities after Veronica's death, Pope knowing that any reprisals. In an act of revenge for Veronica's death, Pope had Tig captured and he watched helplessly as Pope burned his daughter, Dawn, alive in front of him. When Tig, Chibs, Jax and Opie are imprisoned, Pope offers a deal to Jax that one of the three Sons (minus Tig) must be killed in order for the remaining two to be released (excluding Tig as Pope wants him to suffer in prison forever). This results in the death of Opie, who is killed with a lead pipe during an organized prison fight.

In the season finale, Jax gives up Tig to Pope and his men, who take him into a warehouse to execute him. While on the inside, Jax pulls a gun out of his motorcycle and executes all of Pope's men and goes inside to rescue Tig, handing over the gun to Tig, who shoots and kills Pope just as he threatens that something bad is going to happen to the person who kills them. Tig realizes that the gun Jax gave him was Clay's gun, revealing that it was all a part of Jax's plan to put a target on Clay and get rid of him for good.