Fresh fish on the line, nigga. Ain't nothin' like that $**t.
~ Damon
Damon Pearly is a minor villain in Friday After Next. He is Ms. Pearly's son.

He is portrayed by Terry Crews.



Damon went to jail and he was incarcerated for 12 years until he was released the day before Christmas Eve.

In Friday After Next

Craig and Day-Day are afraid of Damon since they also knew when they used to be in prison before they got out early while Damon remains in jail.

Later, Money Mike is in the restroom and Damon tries to rape him, but he fails when Money Mike grabs his testicles with pliers. Damon then proceeds to chase him when he tries to run away.


Damon has been a gay pervert since he's been in jail.


  • Damon could be as bad as Deebo, but he's not a monster.


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