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Damned Chess Board

All the Damned Chessmen on the Damned Chess Board

The Damned Chessmen are minor enemies in the video game Devil May Cry 3. They started off as enemies that Dante encounters, but later appear as one of the bosses while he was journeying into the Demon World to reach Arkham.

Different Versions

Damned Pawns

Damned Chessman Pawn

Damned Pawns

The Damned Pawns are the first Damned Chessmen that Dante encounters. They are the weakest members of the Damned Chessmen. Dante usually encounters about three or four of these demons at a time (, not including when he encounters them in the Damned Chess Board). They mostly move by moving two spaces, and then one space afterwards, like a regular chess pawn. The only attack they can perform is a cross slash.

Damned Knights

Damned Chessman Knight

Damned Knights

The Danmed Knights are the second Damned Chessmen that Dante encounters. They are faster, and stronger than the Damned Pawns. The Knights move at an L-like formation. They have two different attacks, swinging it's horn, or jumping the air, and attempted to crush Dante.

Damned Bishop

Damned Chessman Bishop

Damned Bishop

The Damned Bishop are the third Damned Chessman that Dante encounters. They are slow, and are terrible at close range. The Bishops mostly heal the other Damned Chessmen. However, they don't just heal the other Chessmen, they also can generate several powerful fireballs.

Damned Rook

Damned Chessman Rook

Damned Rook

The Damned Rook are the forth Damned Chessman that Dante encounters. They are about as slow as the Damned Bishop, however they are more deadly. They move vertically or horizontally like real chess pieces. The Rooks can also generate laser on all four directions.

Damned Queen

Damned Chessman Queen

Damned Queen

The Damned Queen is the fifth Damned Chessmen that Dante encounters. She is the most powerful of all the Damned Chessmen. She can move at any direction like a real queen chess piece. She's also the fastest one out of all the Chessmen. She mostly attacks with a ram attack, while retracting her claws around her neck, and leaving a violet smoke. She only appears at the Damned Chess Board.

Damned King

Damned Chessman King

Damned King

The Damned King is the sixth and final Damned Chessmen that Dante encounters. He's not the strongest, nor the fastest, but he is the most important piece out of all the Chessmen, because if he destroyed, all the other Damned Chessmen are destroyed as well. The King, like the Queen only appears in the Damned Chess Board. the King mostly attacks by teleporting and replacing himself with a Damned Rook. He also can have the Damned Pawns teleport near his vicinity, and generate a powerful explosion. And much like the king chess piece, The Damned King can only move one space at a time.

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