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Damien is the chief antagonist of the direct-to-DVD sequel "Terror Toons 2: The Sick and Silly Show" - although the main killers were the demonic Hansel and Gretel, Damien was the true mastermind behind the release of the "Terror Toons" DVD into the human world, which when played sucked their victims into a nightmarish alternate world ruled by demonic cartoon characters.

He was porttrayed by the late Shane Ballard II who was both ember of the noise band Facetious from 1998 to 2002 and a bassist/songwriter for the controversial pro-rape punk band Root Cause in 2002.

Damien is most likely a parody of Damien Thorn and like him claims to be the son of the Devil, he confronts the heroes when they reach the gates of Hell and tries to rape the girl - however the boy manages to fend him off and escape, as they do so he reveals his true form as a large horned demon.

Following the seeming demise of Hansel and Gretel, Damien appears again, this time in the human world, where he hands over a collection of "Terror Toons" DVDs to an unsuspecting movie rental store and breaks into maniacal laughter.

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