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They're using the same protocol as established for SARS. They're quarantining the complex and screening the symptoms
~ Damian Leopold in the conference with Dr. Orantes and a W.H.O official
This wasn't our deal! Where's Dr. Orantes?!
~ Damian Leopold frustrated at the chinese for not giving Dr. Orantes back

Damian Leopold is a major antagonist in Contagion

About Edit

Damian Leopold was the director and C.E.O of the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland during the MEV-1 outbreak. He was born in Geneva and finished a master's degree in epidemiological statistics. He was in office from 2002 to 2011.

Contagion Timeline Edit

On Day 5, Dr. Leonora Orantes, a W.H.O Epidemiologist walks into a conference with Damian Leopold and another W.H.O Official. Dr. Orantes tells Damian about the progression of the virus and Damian decides to send her to Hong Kong to find out about the virus. When Dr. Orantes was in Hong Kong, she finished her investigation and was kidnapped by some chinese officials and they told Damian that they would only give Dr. Orantes back in exchange for a vaccine. Months pass as Orantes lives with the chinese and when the vaccine comes out, Damian gives the chinese officials a placebo fake vaccine. Damian later tells Dr. Orantes at the airport that he gave the chinese fake vaccines to drug them because of the limited amount of supplies. Hearing this, Dr. Orantes rushes to the village to warn the people.

It is highly likely that Damian got fired after the organization heard of what he had done.

Trivia Edit

  • Damian likely got fired after the pandemic.
  • He most likely didn't even get the vaccine afterwards.

Gallery Edit

Leopold with feng

Damian with Sun Feng, exchanging Dr. Orantes for a box of fake vaccines

Who leopoldan

Damian with a W.H.O official having a conference with Dr. Orantes

Damian and Orantes

Damian and Dr. Orantes after she was given back to him by Sun Feng and other chinese officials

Dam orantes

Damian with Dr. Orantes at the airport