Damian divinity

Damian is the recurring antagonist of the videogame series Divine Divinity.

He first appeared as a baby at the end of the first game where he was kidnapped by the Demon of Lies, who wanted to turn Damian into the vessel of the Chaos Demon.

The Divine One defeated the Demon of Lies and was about to kill Damian, but couldn't bring himself to kill a defenseless child, so he decided to adopt him.

Many years later the cult of the Black Ring sent by the dark sorceress Ygerna to teach Damian about the powers hidden away in his soul and she started to tutor him to awake his dormant demon and the two fell in love. Alas, found the Divine One found out about Ygerna and was about to execute her. Unfortunately Damian walked in as the blade fell and cast a Soul forging on Ygerna just as the blade hit, reversing the nature of the spell. Damian in a fury took control of the Black ring and attacked Rivellon. Damian confronted the Divine One, who managed to trap Damian in another dimension called Nemesis.

Years later, in Beyond Divinity, Damian met a Paladin who has been trapped in Nemesis and, disguised as a death knight, managed to trick the demon Samael into soul forging him and the paladin together, forcing the paladin to help him. They fought together trough Nemesis and the paladin managed to free both him and Damian. Damian returned to Rivellon and became the leader of the Black Ring once again.

Damian started a new campaign of conquest in Rivellon and managed to defeat the Divine One and trap him inside a crystal.

During the events of Divinity 2, Damian meet the Slayer after he became a Dragon Knight and tried to stop his quest against the Black Ring.

Damian manages to survive the encounter with the Dragon Knight and he is last seen greeting a resurrected Ygerna.