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So... you would like a chance to die? Then, the Great Wizard will give you that opportunity. I am a most generous man.
~ Dalles

Dalles is a major antagonist from Ys 2: The Final Chapter. He appears again as the main antagonist of the prequel Ys Origin.


Ys Origin


Dalles, as he appears in Ys Origin

Dalles was the leader of the Clan of Darkness, having sought to acquire the Black Pearl, an artifact of immense power which could only be controlled by the Winged Ones (the goddesses of Ys). After the Black Pearl's misuse gives birth to the demons, the two goddesses use it to lift the land of Ys to the skies, so in response Dalles constructs the Darm Tower, having been given the power to control the demons by Cain Fact, one of the six priests of Ys. Dalles is confronted on the top of the tower by Toal Fact (another of the six priests), having taken the Black Pearl from the goddesses. As he is defeated, he attempts to destroy the Black Pearl, only to be finished off by Cain Fact, who reveals himself as a traitor, promising to revive Dalles once he gains complete control of the Black Pearl. Cain Fact absorbs the power of the Black Pearl and turns into the dark lord Darm, but he is sealed away by the two goddesses along with the Black Pearl.

Ys 2


Dalles, as he appears in Ys 2

700 years later, the seal is finally broken by Dark Fact. As Darm awakens, he keeps with his promise and revives Dalles, who becomes his enforcer. Dalles sends his army of demons to kill all descendants of the six priests and wreak havoc over the land of Ys. Upon learning of Adol's arrival, he carefully watches his progress, recognizing him as a worthy opponent. Adol first runs into Dalles when trying to get access to the canals beneath Solomon Temple. Dalles offer to ignore Adol if he just leaves, but as Adol refuses and is thus turned into a slime monster. Adol faces Dalles again at the top of the belfry in the Goddess Shrine, as Dalles prepares to conduct the sacrifice of Maria, one of the descendants of the six priests. Adol finally confronts Dalles for the last time in the core of the shrine, killing him and proceeding to fight Darm.

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