Stop being such a fool! Only stupid children believe in God!
~ Dallas to Eve
Dallas Genoard

Dallas Genoard is a major character in the light novel and anime series Baccano!. He is the older brother of Eve Genoard and an infamous and volatile delinquent. Despite this, he cares deeply for his sister (despite being annoyed by her faith in God), and she is one of his few weaknesses. He and his gang initially worked for small time crimes and eventually were pulled into a world of immortals and gang wars bigger than their wildest dreams. He is one of the antagonistic forces of the 1930 storyline, The Rolling Bootlegs and one of the supporting protagonists in the 1933 storyline, The Slash. 

He is voiced by Atsushi Imaruoka in the Japanese version of the anime and Ian Sinclair in the English version.