Get out, just get out. You're makin- you're making my stomach sick.
~ Dallas "Dally" Winston as he laughs.
You get tough like me and you don't get hurt! You watch out for yourself, and nothing can touch you man!

Dallas "Dally" Winston is a 17-year-old Greaser and a character in both the 1983 American drama film The Outsiders directed by Francis Ford Coppola and the novel of the same name by S. E. Hinton.

He was portrayed by Matt Dillon.

Appearance and Personality

In the book, Dally is described as having an elfish face with high cheekbones, animal teeth, and ears like a lynx. He is also described as having long, wispy white-blonde hair with no grease that falls over his forehead. His eyes are said to be blue and "cold with a hatred for the whole world." In the movie, Dally is depicted as having brown hair.

Dallas was the toughest member of the greaser gang. He enjoyed getting in trouble with the law and had been to jail several times. He took pride in his criminal record, even getting upset that it wasn't mentioned in the newspaper. Despite this, Dallas is never portrayed as a jerk. He actually does care about his friends and looks out for them, he also had respect for woman, as shown by him leaving after Cherry got very upset. Dallas can come off and harsh, cold, and uncaring though, and generally, that's the image his past paints for him. Dallas seems incapable of loving anyone, however, he did love Johnny Cade to the point where he commits suicide after Johnny's tragic death.



Before the book, Dallas was in a New York Gang as a criminal. He claims to have been arrested and throw in jail once even. After he got out, he came down to Tulsa, OK to assumingly start over.


Dallas meets up with Ponyboy and Johnny so they can do their usual activities. They were usually troublesome and mischevious but not necessarily criminal intentions, despite Dallas still having that reputation from his past.

Movie Drive-In

Ponyboy, Dallas, and Johnny sneak into a movie drive-in to watch it. In the midst of it, they happen to sit behind two Soc Girls, Cherry, and Marcia. Dallas decides to flirt with Cherry, trying to come off and a "bad boy" however, he ends up upsetting Cherry greatly. Once this happened, Dallas left, saying that "he knows when he is not wanted." Dallas isn't seen for a couple after this

At the Party

When Johnny and Ponyboy plan their escape, they confront Dallas for advice. Dallas reluctantly decides to help them. He tells them how to get out of Tulsa via the freight trains. He also gives them a lot of money with a gun and ammunition. He then sends them off and keeps quiet of the situation, even to Ponyboy's brothers


Dallas meets up with Ponyboy and Johnny after about a week since they left. He takes them out to eat at a diner drive in and explains the situation of Tulsa, telling them since Bob's death, Tensions between the Greasers and Socs have great heightened. After spending the day with them, he takes them back to the church Ponyboy and Johnny were staying in. The church was on fire and some little children were trapped inside. Ponyboy and Johnny run to the rescue of them, Dallas follows them and helps the kids out from the outside. He gets Ponyboy out and puts the fire on him out, calling him "stupid" for going into the burning church. He then hears Johnny scream, this causes him to jump into the church to same Johnny right as the church collapses. He and his friends are then taken to the hospital and later transferred to Tulsa

Back in Tulsa

Dallas took some severe injuries from the church fire, but not as much as Johnny had. He then gives his best wishes to Johnny and promises both Johnny and Ponyboy that he'd be at the rumble. He doesn't go back on this as he comes into join the rumble as one of the top fighters along with Darryl. After The Greasers, one he and Ponyboy return to the hospital

Death of Johnny and Dallas

when they arrive, Johnny's condition is terrible and much worse than the last visit. He tells Johnny that they won the rumble. Johnny replies by saying that fighting won't do anything, he then asks Ponyboy to please stay gold. After this, he dies. Dallas was unable to deal with this as he breaks down and becomes mentally ill, as shown by him pointing his gun to a hospital employee after the employee says he wasn't allowed in the area. Dallas then goes to a store and attempts to rob it, he takes the money and then calls Ponyboy's family to come help him when the police chase him, however it seems that his true intentions for calling them were so they could see him commit suicide by aiming his gun at the police and then being shot dead.