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Dalip is a KAOS agent and the tertiary antagonist turned supporting protagonist in the 2008 film, Get Smart.

He is portrayed by his namesake, Dalip Singh.


Dalip is first seen when Agents 86 and 99 go on their first mission together, which happens to be in Russia. Dalip attacks them, but they manage to escape by parachute (although he continues to attack them). 99 kisses him as a distraction technique in order for them to escape. Later on, Dalip confronts them when they try to escape the weapons factory, but Max convinces him to spare their lives after recognizing his voice from audio surveillance. In the climax, after Siegfried agrees to spare Dalip's wife while simultaneously insulting her, Dalip throws Siegfried into a river as payback. In the end, he becomes an analyst at CONTROL.

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