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I reached into the dirt and made new life. I am the GOD OF ALL DALEKS!
~ The Emperor Dalek

The Dalek Emperor is a special model of Dalek that serves as the main antagonist of the 2005 season of Doctor Who.



The Dalek Emperor began to see himself as an immortal god as a result of his great success and soon had the other Daleks actively worship it as such. His isolation in space had utterly warped his mind and while being comforted by the Ninth Doctor he revealed his obvious arrogance and insanity, to the point where he even claimed he cannot die when being attacked by Rose Tyler, fused with the power of the time vortex energy. The Dalek Emperor despised anything that wasn't Dalek and because of this he shared his species belief of racial purity however contradictory to his belief, the new race of Daleks that the Emperor created were made from the flesh of abducted humans from Satellite 5 and when the Ninth Doctor said that his new empire was part human, The Emperor declared his words as blasphemy.


IMG 0565-1-

The first Dalek Emperor

The Dalek Emperor floats in a transparent cylindrical tank below a giant dome, complete with lights and eyestalk. Two mechanical arms are mounted to the base of this tank. The central structure is connected by articulated joints to three flanking panels, to which large hemispheres are attached.


They survived through me!
~ The Emperor Dalek
Purify the Earth with fire! The planet will become my temple and we shall rise! This will be our paradise!
~ The Emperor Dalek's speach
If I am god, the creator of all things, then what does that make you, Doctor?
~ The Emperor Dalek to the Ninth Doctor
~ The Emperor Dalek's last words


  • Also Davros himself once acted as a "Dalek Emperor".
  • A similar model to the Dalek Emperor appears as the Dalek Prime Minister in Season 7.
  • The emperor has special Dalek guards whose head domes are black.

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