D. Linron
No good can come from curing the genophage.
~ Dalatrass Linron
Dalatarss Linron is the leader of the Salarian Union in 2186. Described as a "queen bee" of Sur'Kesh's wealthiest bloodline, she retained her position by a narrow margin in a recent election to determine the leadership of the Linron bloodline. She sees krogans as savage barbarians who deserved to be sterilized, what caused a millenium of peace, she thinks they don't deserved to be cured.

Mass Effect 3

During a war summit between salarianskrogan, and turians, the dalatrass becomes openly hostile towards the Clan Urdnot leader, Urdnot Wrex or Urdnot Wreav, who demands a genophage cure in exchange for helping the turians hold the Reapers off Palaven. The dalatrass vehemently protests, fearing that the krogan would simply wage war against the galaxy again if they manage to defeat the Reapers. Primarch Adrien Victus surmises that a cure would take years to be developed. However, the Urdnot leader reveals a reliable inside source has provided video evidence of surviving fertile female krogan from Maelon's experiments being held captive on Sur'Kesh. Faced with indisputable evidence and under pressure from both the Primarch and Commander Shepard, the Dalatrass is forced to reveal their exact location.

Before heading to Tuchanka, Dalatrass Linron tries to cut a secret deal with Commander Shepard. She states to Shepard that any attempts at curing the genophage will be in vain, revealing that her operatives sabotaged the Shroud facility needed to disperse the cure. In exchange for keeping the sabotage a secret, she pledges the support of the salarians' First Fleet as well as their finest scientific minds to aid in the construction of the Crucible.

If Shepard cures the genophage, the Dalatrass expresses her disappointment, fearing that the krogan would expand again once the Reapers are defeated, and withdraws salarian support. Despite this, Admiral Hackett later reports that STG strike teams are willing to assist Allied forces even without the Dalatrass's approval.