Dak Jeebs is Alpha's right-hand and a villain in the TV animated series Men in Black: The Series. He is Jack Jeebs's brother and has the same regeneration powers as him, but contrary to him he adores the sensation when his head explodes.


The Blackguard Syndrome

He first appears in this episode where he's employed by Alpha and helps him to hijack one of MiB's satellites. However, things don't go as planned and he is forced to ask his brother for help. Finally, the MIB agents J and K went into the satellite and fight Dak and Alpha. They are defeated when they are blasted out into open space where Dak can't regenerate (due to lack of oxygen).

The Cold Sweat Syndrome

In this episode, it has been revealed that Alpha and Dak have merged together and have managed to regenerate after entering into a space station. Later, they go to Arctic to obtain an ancient alien ship with the intention of destroying Earth. Once again, Dak asks his brother for help but the agents J and K come to stop them. Dak fights against Agent J but he is eventually defeated and fuses with his brother.


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