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Human Elephant Undead

Elephant Undead in Daichi human form

Elephant Undead

Elephant Undead

Daichi is the human form of the Elephant Undead, the Category Jack of Clubs Undead.


An Undead who though pacifistic, has enormous physical strength which is also evident while he's in human form.

He can be usually found sunbathing near a pool, as he wants to lie low until the battle fight is near its end, thus he being the winner by taking out the victor in a sneak attack. He saw it pointless to fight an enemy unless he knew the limits of the opponent's ability, deciding to make his move in the confusion. This results with the Elephant Undead being the first to be sealed by Blade in his Jack Form. He was then unsealed by Leangle who requested his help in fighting the Kerberos Undead, but was defeated and resealed by it.

Kamen Rider Decade

The Jack of Clubs Undead, he is destroyed by Decade using Ryuki's Strike Vent.

All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker

Elephant Undead had revived and join Dai-Shocker army.

Elephant Undead Rouze Card

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