Dahlia Towne

Dahlia Towne, also known as Thea Summers, is the main villainess from "Santabarbaratown," the Season Six finale of Psych.

She was played by Amanda Schull, who later appeared as one-shot villainess Lucinda Jarvis on Grimm.

Dahlia Towne is the illegitimate love child of multimillionaire Ellis Beaumont and his mistress, Veronica Towne. She was given up for adoption by Ellis, after he murdered Veronica and paid cops to cover up the crime. A year prior to the episode's events, Dahlia (now going by the name Thea Summers), was told about Veronica by her adoptive parents, and that sent Dahlia on a revenge mission. She returned to Santa Barbara and held Ellis at gunpoint, forcing him to confess to her birth mother's murder and disappearance. Dahlia also forced Ellis to take her to where he killed Veronica, and it was there that she shot and killed Ellis. Dahlia was subsequently arrested for murder.