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Dahlia Deering is the late wife of Nicholas Deering and a major past character from the second season of Devious Maids. After getting bored from her marriage with Nicholas, she started an affair with the housemaid, Opal and told Nicholas this on the road, causing him to accidentally to kill Adrian and Evelyn's son, Barrett Powell.

She told Opal this and was going to the police but Nicholas and Opal tried to stop her and Dahlia revealed that she never loved Opal and that she used her as an experiment to escape the boredom of being married to Nicholas and it disgusted her, causing Opal to push her over the bridge, killing her.

Nicholas threatened to snitch on Opal but she blackmailed him into keeping it quiet and they made it look like a suicide, but this is found out by Nicholas' current fiancée turned wife, Marisol Suarez.

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