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Hail to the king, baby!
~ Dagran Thaurissan
Dagran Thaurissan was the Emperor of the Blackrock Depths and the leader of the Dark Iron Dwarves in
Dagran Thaurissan
the Warcraft franchise.

Empreror Thaurissan is the descendant of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan, the dwarf responsible for summoning Ragnaros into Azeroth. Like his ancestor, Dagran is Ragnaros' henchman and leads the Dark Iron Dwarves to serve the Firelord. The Emperor ruled the dwarves with his charisma and iron will.  Thaurissan later kidnapped the King of Ironforge's daughter Moira Bronzebeard. Dagran gave Moira love and affection because she was the Princess of Ironforge. Moira fell in love with Thaurissan and they got married. Moira had a child with the Emperor who was half-Bronzebeard and half-Dark Iron dwarf.

A group of adventurers entered the Blackrock Depths to free the princess. They fought Thaurissan's lieutenants and the Dark Iron Dwarves. The adventurers arrived in the Imperial Seat and confronted the Emperor. Dagran Thaurissan fought the intruders with the Ironfoe, a hammer that he got from a human. The adventurers slained Thaurissan and they realized that Moira was in love with the Dark Iron leader. Moira was filled with anger and refused to return to Ironforge.

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