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Daggerface Delaney

Daggerface Delaney

Prepare to swim with the sharks!
~ Daggerface preparing to finish off Ron

Daggerface Delaney is the main antagonist of the 2006 Zeno Mountain Farm film The Return of the Muskrats. He is a wicked pirate captain who forces children to serve his crew.

He was portrayed by Tim McFarland.


Daggerface Delaney is a menacing pirate and the nemesis of the great sea captain Ron Simonsen, who has retired after a long time at sea. At the beginning, Daggerface abducts Ron's girlfriend Jess Walton with his band of pirates, the Hellcats, so Ron can face him with the Muskrats, his crew. He holds Jess prisoner on his ship and prepares to make her walk the plank. Ron and the Muskrats sail to the rescue and fight the Hellcats. Unfortunately, Ron is captured; he begs for Daggerface to release Jess and allow the crew to give him a proper burial at sea. Daggerface says otherwise and prepares to shoot Ron, but Judy Muskrat, his first mate, draws her pistol and shoots him in the belly. As soon as Daggerface is ousted, the Hellcats join Ron's crew.


Daggerface Delaney is a cruel, murderous fiend with a dark heart. He mostly relies on his goons to do his bidding, but he's not afraid to do some work himself.


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The Return of the Muskrats