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Dage the Evil is the Dark Lord of the Undead Legion, Dage the Evil is currently hiding out in Shadowfall, willing to give players who find him an upgrade of their Undead Warrior armors they bought for AC's after they pass a series of trials set up for them by himself. He has a long-standing rivalry with his former master, the Abyss General, Nulgath.





  • NPC version of the moderator and game designer.
  • The armor Dage used to wear was a beefed-up version of Undead Champion (Armor). He now wears the Paragon Plate and it was released after a few hours when his legion raised the war meter of "Dage vs Nulgath" to 100%.
  • Dage made his armor after signing the contract of nulgath causing him to lose half his soul while sealing the other half in his Paragon Plate.
  • The Undead Legion is an homage to "The Burning Legion" and the "Undead Scourge" from World of Warcraft.
  • All of Dage's champion quests have weapons that only drop at one percent with the exception of the Corrupted Dragon Slayer which drops at 5%.
  • The requirements for the Soul quests were raised to 50 after some players complained they were too easy, with the exception of Mercutio's Soul.
  • Dage is also known as a lich.
  • He was once an apprentice of Nulgath.
  • His personal weapon is Caladbolg.
  • He bears a great deal of resemblance to Dark Samus.

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