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Dagda is Mandrake's Boggan son and the secondary antagonist of the film, epic. although he only made a minor appearance.


His father Mandrake was the ruler of the dark parts of the dead forest, known as the Decay.

Years later, Dagda is rank general and commands the Boggans under his father's order. He returns to the Dark Decay Kingdom and showing his new pelt during his patrol, he found a disgusting rat and kill it to be like his father. Mandrake tells him of his scheme to kill the Queen of the Forest and approved his pelt that suit him, leaving himself proud of dad's compliment.

He helped his dad out in trying to get the flower from Queen Tara. He shot two arrows at Ronin and the queen. Ronin grabs the first arrow and shoots it at Dagda killing him, but the second arrow he shot before he died reaches its target and mortally wounds Queen Tara, killing her.


Cruel, confident, sadistic and a kiss-up to his father, always proving his worth as the Dark Prince and improving his skills as a Boggan. Also, extremely loyal to his father and insane enough to kill a rat to make a pelt for himself.


Like his father, he is a dangerous warrior of the Boggans and capable to kill powerful beasts on his own like the rat he encountered and killed as his prized pelt coat. Also, a great aerial mounted soldier and excellent archer of the Boggans.


  • He is voiced by Blake Anderson.
  • Dagda is one of the few villains to be related to the main villain. 
  • Dagda is similar to Darkos as both are the son of the main antagonist (Mandrake and Maltazard) and both serve as their father's second-in-command. However unlike Dagda, Darkos doesn't die. Furthermore, unlike Maltazard, Mandrake shows empathy towards Dagda.


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