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Daddles is the main antagonist and boss in Episode 1 of the video-game, Naughty Bear.


He is the most popular bear in Perfection Island, but is a bully. It is his birthday, so he invites every bear on the island for his party except Naughty Bear. When Naughty Bear comes with a present to make amends for his previous pranks, two other bears laugh at him and Naughty goes home.

From the urging of the unseen narrator, Naughty goes on a killing spree, eliminating every bear on the island and destroying the birthday presents. Finally, Naughty kills Daddles and goes home.

He is then revived to appear in all the other episodes, this time as a random victim. His next even remotely major appearance is at the end of Episode 7 when Naughty saves the island from Emperor Xoon and his alien minions and the bears pretend to welcome him. Daddles is the bear that takes out a cake for Naughty, causing him to shed a tear with joy, only for Daddles to shove the cake into his face, causing the other bears to laugh at him. Naughty appears to leave as the other bears go inside, only to fire a rocket launcher at the house, killing Daddles and the other bears, meaning Daddles had indirectly caused the death of every bear and the house due to provoking Naughty.

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