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"I carried an M16 and you, you carry that, that, that... guitar!!"

Who are you?! Where do you come from?! Are you listening to me?! WHAT DO YOU WANNA DO WITH YOUR LIFE?!
~ The father

The dad serves as the antagonist in the music video for Twisted Sister's hit song We're not gonna take it.


The family is first seen having lunch at the table, when one of the kids asks to leave and goes upstairs to his bedroom and starts listening to the song I wanna rock. The dad then goes into the room and scolds his son for wasting his time in music, to which he finally replies "I wanna rock" (in Dee Snider's voice), and plays a chord with his guitar, which sends his father crashing through the window to the yard floor below. The boy and his brothers then turn into the band themselves and they proceed to play the song, while their dad undergoes a series of hilarious cartoon-like accidents as he tries to get back in the house and stay there.


- In the extended version, he tells his son he used to carry an M16 instead of a guitar, meaning he could well be a Vietnam veteran suffering from PTSD.

- He is based on Doug Neidermeyer from National Lampoon's Animal House, who was also played by Mark Metcalf. They share their first name as well.

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