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Dab is a dodo bird and the minor antagonist in Ice Age.

He was voiced by Alan Tudyk who also voiced Lenny, the scimitar cat.


One dodo among a great flock of others, Dab was out to find food as a scout.


Dab was out foraging for food to return to his flock as part of a stockpile for the oncoming ice age and found one melon not far from where his flock was, in the grip of a mammoth named Manny. Dab snatched the melon away from the mammoth's grip and made off with it, squawking at Manny before he left the scene.

Later, Dab returned to his flock, leaving the melon in the stockpile with two others and spotted Manny, accompanied by a ground sloth named Sid and a saber-tooth cat named Diego. Calling out to the others that intruders had come, Dab was not looking where was going and continued calling out until he fell into a smouldering pit, being burned.

Personality and Traits

Dab was a foolish dodo, like others of his kind, that intended to prepare for the oncoming ice ages by gathering food, but was distracted as well, as he did not look where he was headed and fell into a smoldering pit.

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