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I was THE Samurai! I was all about that slicin' and dicin'! Talkin' bout the Funk-A-Chop! The Whack-A-Hack! And of course the ever famous... Turkey Carve! But Samurai Jack enlightened me of the true meaning of being a Samurai. Shorty after, I gave up my blade and top knot and become the Bartender here at the place we first met.
~ Da Samurai talking to Ashi about Jack.
Da Samurai is an extremly nasty person who is a former antagonist in the highly unique and stylish TV series, Samurai Jack. He is an annoying wannabe samurai, who completely lacks all the important qualities of samurais. He enjoys threatening random people and picking fights with them to show off how tough he is. However, the only reason why he could fight was that he was wearing a fake plastic body armor that was later destroyed by Jack.


Da Samurai introduces himself in a bar, mocking and threatening people to come off as bad. He also harrases a japanese woman, until her bodyguards try and protect her, but he beats them by using dirty tricks, and attacking them while they're not looking. Later on, Da Samurai watches Jack who defeats 4 robots sent by Aku to destroy him. Da Samurai walks up to Jack, reffering to him as a poser who's been copying him (which he hasn't). Jack ignored Da Samurai, which made him angry. Da Samurai later attempts to start a fight with Jack, but it didn't work, until he got on Jack's nerves, and finally requested the challenge, by fighting outside. Da Samurai complains about the weather at first, but then reminds himself that he doesn't want to spoil his reputation.

Jack continually beats Da Samurai up, and calmy lectures him about how he shouldn't try to be something he's not. At the end, Da Samurai lost his temper, but still got beat up. His body armor was destroyed, showing that he wasn't muscular after all, but was actually chubby and skinny as a worm.

An army of robots interrupted the fight. Da Samurai tried to escape, but was trapped by them. After Jack defeats the robots, he sets Da Samurai free. Da Samurai finally learns his lesson, realizing that he wasn't so bad after all.

When the members of the army were alive after all, they transform into one giant robot. The giant robot attempted to attack Jack, but Da Samurai makes up for the jerk he was by saving his life.

After defeating the giant robot, Jack tells him that he has taken the first true step in being a samurai. The episode ends with Da Samurai following Jack on his quest, constantly plaguing him with questions about the next samurai lessons.

In Season 5, Da Samurai is shown to still be alive and is now the elderly bartender of the bar he used to hang out in. When Ashi arrives in the bar, looking for Samurai Jack, Da Samurai tells her of how he used to be a samurai himself until Jack defeated him and set his path straight.


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