DOH (Dominate Over Hour) is the main villain from the Arkanoid series. It is a dimension-warping entity that exists in outer-space, taking the shape of a wire-framed Moai. It's origins and goals are a complete mystery.



In the first game, DOH attacks the mothership Arkanoid, a humanity vessel which is traveling the cosmos in search of planets suitable for colonization. This results in the spacecraft Vaus being scrambled from it and warped to another dimension. Vaus is then forced to fight it's way though this dimension, eventually facing DOH in battle. After DOH's defeat time starts flowing reversely allowing Vaus to escape the distorted dimension and return to Arkanoid.

Arkanoid: Revenge of DOH

Despite it's previous defeat, DOH comes back to life after a long period of time. Seeking revenge, DOH takes overs the Xorg spaceship and invades our universe from another dimension. The Arkanoid-type spaceship Mixtec decides to launch a preemptive attack, sending the Vaus 2 spacecraft to invade Xorg. DOH is once again defeated, being destroyed along with Xorg.

Arkanoid: DOH it Again

10 years after the last battle with DOH, Arkanoid continues it's search for inhabitable planets with no success. Suddenly, Arkanoid's sensors pick up the signal of Terra-class planet, so Vaus is sent to the planet to conduct surveillance. The planet, however, is being used by DOH as a bait to lure Vaus, which has to confront the space entity once again.

In the bad ending (acquired after beating rounds 33 or 66), Vaus returns to Arkanoid empty-handed after learning the planet was a fake created by DOH and Arkanoid is forced to continue it's search. In the good ending (acquired after beating round 99), Vaus finally reaches the planet's surface after defeating DOH, who is declared to be gone forever, putting an end to Arkanoid's long search.



  • At the end of Arkanoid R 2000 and Arkanoid Returns, it is revealed that DOH is actually a robot, this is probably because it was defeated three times, and a robotic version was built to replace it
  • In the instruction booklet of the Amiga version of Arkanoid, it was revealed that it can talk.
  • It's origins are unknown, but its possible that an alien intelligence created him. This can be seen in Arkanoid: Revenge of DOH, where it is transported in a spaceship named "zorg" and Arkanoid, where DOH's stage has a robotic background.