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DOH is the villain from the Arkanoid series. It is a dimension-warping entity that exists in outer-space, taking the shape of a wire-framed Moai. Apparently, it's goal is to rule the entire universe, so it's destroying all whom it thinks might pose a threat. It destroyed the mothership Arkanoid, which resulted in the spacecraft Vaus being scrambled from it and being warped by DOH. Vaus eventually fought it's way and destroyed DOH. Since this happened, DOH is seeking revenge on Vaus.


  • At the end of Arkanoid R 2000 and Arkanoid Returns, it is revealed that DOH is actually a robot, this is probably because it was defeated three times, and a robotic version was built to replace it
  • In the instruction booklet of the Amiga version of Arkanoid, it was revealed that it can talk
  • its origins are unkown, but its possible that an alien intelligence created him. This can be seen in Arkanoid: Revenge of DOH, where it is transported in a spaceship named "zorg" and Arkanoid, where DOH's stage has a robotic background


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